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Mit dem Fahrrad durch die Weinberge des Penedes

Mit dem Fahrrad durch die Weinberge des Penedes

Auf wunderschönen Wegen geht es mitten durch die Weinberge des Penedès. Wir sind unterwegs zu einem ganz besonderen Weingut, und zwar mit dem Fahrrad. Genauer gesagt, mit dem E-Bike, denn die Landschaft ist hier ganz schön hügelig. Perfekt für alle, die gern Mountainbike...

Thank you life - A day in the Penedés

Balcón del Penedes

Balcó del Penedes

Do you fancy some good biking or walking with the most wonderful views? In Penedes you ll find the best spots! Let us show you where to go.  We re looking forward to your visit. 

Foto: Angelina Llop, 10.03.16

Cava tasting at Orioll Rossell with guests from Arianella B&B

Tirol meets Penedés

Dear "Weinritter"! 

We´d like to thank you for sharing these wonderful autumn days with us! With a warm heart we´ve seen you indulging, tasting and discovering! On top of that we loved seeing you falling in love with our wine country Penedes! Hopefully, this discovery...

Our restaurant recommendation if you´re on your way to the beach: Clubhouse27

A new discovery

If after a long breakfast here at, a lengthy bath in the pool and a little nap in the shade in the garden you feel you wanted to pop down to the beach, this is going to be a very good relaxing day. If then, at half way...

Hanging out all day

I´ve tried it and there is no better: take a book, climb in the hammock, sink in, do some light swings, forget about the book, enjoy the views and nodd off!

Pic nic en familia en el Penedes

Family Picnic in the Penedes vineyards

At times, we try to do something new and different on a Sunday afternoon. This way, we can have a perfect day in family and at the same time we find out about new excursions, new ideas or new impressions for our friends and guests. 

So, yesterday we went to visit the...

Picnic with unique wine and cava and heart warming company

What a fantastic day! We had the pleasure to be part of a very special wine tour. Ignasi de Vinyes Singulars was so kind to share with us the history of his wine-making family, show us around the family premises and as the absolute highlight to have a hearty breakfast...

The new season starts with sunny and warm Easter weather

Happy weather, happy people - happy Easter! 

We´ve had all together a very  happy Easter break. The kids had been waiting already some weeks for the Easter bunny to visit and were lucky that he came along bringing with him many yummy chocolate eggs.  ...

From heaven fell a day off

This February, something very special happened. In the early morning hours, we were blessed with a huge amount of snow. When we woke up, the magic was already done. This didn´t seem to be our garden, our pool, our terrace. It was turned into a winter fairy tale.