Arianella, your rural accommodation in Catalonia, Penedes wine region

Pure relaxation in your accommodation in Catalonia

The large garden of your accommodation in Catalonia invites you to relax, either in the shade of the trees on the patio or at the pool or on one of the many terraces overlooking the hilly wine landscape of  Penedes. 

On cooler days you can snuggle in the sofa and enjoy the open fire place. There is space to read, splay board games or chat with your fellow travelers.

A special treat: a bath in the new jacuzzi with views over the valley of Penedes

A relaxing massage in bubbly warm water. The virtues of warm water have been known for centuries. The power of the jets can be adjusted, from a light current to a firm massage. During the night you can enjoy the LED light therapy.

As there are two loungers along with three seats, the jacuzzi is ideal for couples as both can stretch out completely.

The jacuzzi is formed ergonomically, so that the body relaxes in the ideal position while the water does its work. For the use of the jacuzzi we ask a little contribution of 5 Euros per persoan and 30 minutes. 


Come and visit us in the Penedes, get relaxed in your accommodation in Catalonia with Pool, Jacuzzi and a warm and friendly atmosphere. You can either stay in the rooms of the B&B or rent a family friendly apartment.